Case Study: Metalcomp and Profilsystem for the Photovoltaic Industry

How Profilsystem Transformed Metalcomp's Manufacturing Efficiency with a Custom Solution


In the world of metal fabrication, the need to increase efficiency, save time, and cut costs is always at the heart of any company's strategy. Metalcomp, a company dedicated and professional in this field, recognized the need to improve its production processes to remain competitive and innovative.


Metalcomp's Problem and Needs


The problem Metalcomp faced was related to the use of press bending technology, which was cost-effective for small volumes but became expensive and less efficient for large-scale production. As a metal fabricator involved in design, manufacturing, assembly, and installation of industrial carpentry for facilities, agricultural machinery, and the automotive sector, Metalcomp needed a reliable partner who could provide a solution meeting their needs for efficiency, good relations, affordability, reliability, and sustainability.


Moreover, the increased production volumes between Metalcomp and Profilsystem created an opportunity for fruitful collaboration.


The Transformation Through Custom Profiling


Profilsystem, with its experience and expertise in profiling, presented itself as the ideal solution. After several meetings with the Metalcomp team, Profilsystem developed a custom profile for Metalcomp's photovoltaic plant structures. This profile, a simple "C" shaped piece, included custom-spaced drilling that allowed for differentiation between left and right pieces, thus optimizing assembly efficiency.


Attention to product quality, customization, precision in delivery times, and economic benefit were crucial elements. Profilsystem applied the pre-drilling on tape technique, ensuring a production characterized by precision, quality of raw materials, experience, and reduced timelines.


These factors were essential for Metalcomp, which had to adhere to strict deadlines, as any delays would have led to penalties.


Results and Benefits of a Winning Collaboration


The result of this collaboration was a custom profile that gave Metalcomp a competitive edge, greatly improving the efficiency in the production of their photovoltaic plants and allowing them to offer an innovative and competitive product to their customers.


The real benefit, however, was the significant savings in terms of costs and time. Thanks to Profilsystem's profiling and pre-drilling on tape, Metalcomp was able to reduce the costs associated with press bending and re-drilling, gaining a significant advantage.


At Profilsystem, the philosophy is to see clients as partners with whom to grow together. This collaboration with Metalcomp is a perfect example of how commitment, innovation, and attention to specific customer needs can lead to high-quality custom solutions that contribute to mutual success.

If you too are looking for a solution to increase the efficiency of your production, contact us. At Profilsystem, we will be pleased to work with you to find the right solution for your needs.