Industrial doors and security items


Production of profiles for products that ensure maximum safety

Within its extensive catalogue of products and solutions, Profilsystem also offers profiles for security items. These include semi-finished products designed for companies involved in the production of items such as armoured gratings, armoured shutters, extendible gates and armoured doors. Their development and manufacture is entrusted to a team of experts who have been working in the sector for many years.

These are also ideal solutions for companies involved in the production of industrial doors, which require strong and high-quality profiles that are safe and highly precise.

Solutions for industrial doors

This is one of Profilsystem's primary sectors. Our staff understand the importance of a precise profile, which generally takes the form of a closed profile. For this reason, we offer various clamping techniques including typical welding as well as stapling and clinching. Our services allow us to obtain special profiles to design with step drilling.

Making use of our experience in this sector, we produce profiles to design, allowing you to benefit from all of our skills. This type of profile is suitable for companies that manufacture:

- Industrial doors

- Roller shutters

- Overhead doors

Security items

Safety first!

We offer profiles that are designed and manufactured with precise specifications for the creation of products such as:

- Armoured doors

- Armoured shutters

- Armoured gratings

- Extendible gates

In general, these profiles have a simple shape but maximum attention is required in terms of quality and precision. Profilsystem boasts 30 years of experience in the production of high-quality and exceptionally precise profiles, guaranteeing you the best possible result.

Profilsystem offers extensive customisation of the profiles required

Specifically, by relying on our company you can customise your profiles in terms of the following characteristics:

- Materials

- dimensions

- Lengths

- Drilling

- Branding

- Clamping techniques

Looking for more information on customising our profiles? Discover the many possibilities.