Metal profiles for the photovoltaic industry

Customized solutions for the photovoltaic panel industry


We offer customized solutions for systems used in renewable energy production

The photovoltaic industry is growing rapidly worldwide, thanks to the increasing demand for renewable energy and technological innovation. In this context, at Profilsystem, we aim to provide customized solutions for the mounting and support of photovoltaic panels, offering products made with high-quality materials and always in line with the needs of each customer.

The use of metal profiles for photovoltaics

Metal profiles are essential in renewable energy production through the use of photovoltaic panels. They make up the support structure of the panels and must ensure their stability and resistance to adverse weather conditions. Moreover, the correct installation of photovoltaic panels also depends on the precision of the holes in the profiles, which must be customized according to the project's specifications.

Profilsystem specializes in the production of simple shapes, such as the classic omega shape, C, or folded-wing C, but also in custom special profiles to meet the specific needs of its customers.

We also offer the possibility to customize the holes in our profiles to improve installation and achieve economic savings.

Profilsystem's competitiveness in the photovoltaic sector

Profilsystem stands out in the photovoltaic industry thanks to its ability to offer high-quality and customized solutions at competitive prices. Thanks to our predisposition to innovation, we can guarantee maximum flexibility in production and customization of our profiles. Not only that, but we are also able to offer a wide range of services, including the design, production, and customization of our profiles for the support structure of photovoltaic panels.

Another factor that makes us competitive is our attention to environmental sustainability. We are aware of the importance of renewable energy production in reducing the environmental impact of fossil fuels, and we have made sustainability our core value. Our galvanized carbon steel profiles are produced with recyclable materials and a low environmental impact production process, ensuring an eco-friendly and environmentally respectful product.

I materiali utilizzati per i profilati metallici nel settore fotovoltaico

The materials used for metal profiles in the photovoltaic industry are essential to ensure their resistance and durability over time.
The most common use is Black/Pickled carbon steel, which will be hot-dip galvanized after profiling to ensure the degree of galvanization even in the holes and on the thickness.

A valid alternative is Aluzinc, a material made of a zinc, silicon, and aluminum alloy. The presence of the latter forms a dense layer of aluminum oxide, which prevents corrosive substances from penetrating.

Furthermore, our profiles can be painted to increase their resistance to atmospheric agents and improve aesthetics.

Collaboration with customers for the production of metal profiles for the photovoltaic sector

Profilsystem puts collaboration with customers at the heart of its activities to meet their specific needs. The design of metal profiles for the support structure of photovoltaic panels is a crucial step and requires a detailed analysis of the customer's needs. Our team of technical experts and engineers work closely with customers to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

Discover how we met the specific needs of Metalcomp, our partner in the photovoltaic sector, by consulting our case study.

If you are interested in learning more about the photovoltaic profiles created by the Profilsystem team, you can request a quote or free consultation by visiting the contact section and filling out the appropriate form, they will promptly answer any questions, providing you with all the necessary information.