PVC windows and doors

Profiles for reinforcing the structure of polyvinylchloride windows and doors


Profiles for reinforcing the structure of polyvinyl chloride windows and doors

Among the various products offered, Profilsystem provides PVC window frame reinforcements, semi-finished products designed for companies involved in the production of these types of items. Their development and execution are entrusted to a team of experts who have been working in the field for many years.

serramenti in pvc

Certified profiles for an optimal result

We use certified top-quality materials to ensure maximum precision and reliability in the production and assembly of PVC window profiles.

Our galvanized steel profiles, combined with PVC, create an effective barrier against humidity, protecting seals and insulating materials.

For structural safety and reliability, choose Profilsystem. Our experience in producing PVC window profiles positions us among the leaders in the sector, collaborating with renowned brands such as:

- Kömmerling
- Salamander
- Alphacan
- Veka
- Rehau
- Schüco
- Aluplast
- Oknoplast

The customisation options available: made-to-measure reinforcements

To meet the specific needs of companies manufacturing the finished product, Profilsystem offers various types of customizations for window frame reinforcements. The machines used in production indeed allow us to customize the profiles in terms of:
- Size
- Markings
- Drillings
- Length

All product details

Profilsystem offers customized solutions for PVC window profiles, meeting the specific requirements of manufacturers. Thanks to our advanced technologies, we are capable of customizing the profiles in terms of size, markings, drillings, and length.