Profiling: functions and advantages

Specifically, profiling is a continuous bending operation achieved through the use of rollers. Also known as cold forming or shaping, this process starts with a flat rolled strip, which is inserted longitudinally into the machine (called a profiling machine) and is driven through motorised stations, consisting of a series of forming rolls that gradually modify the flat configuration and, depending on the number of stations, results in more geometrically elaborate shapes. This allows customised metal profiles to be obtained, following the initial design of the customer. Using this technique, Profilsystem is able to:

  • Obtain complex profiles with no length limits

  • Avoid modification of the mechanical characteristics of the profile

  • Maintain a high level of precision on all types of profiles

  • Increase its production speed, guaranteeing the production of large quantities and leading to a reduction in costs (unlike pressure bending, which entails more time and limited quantities)