Types and shapes of metal profiles

Types of standard and custom Profilsystem profiles


Metal profiles, obtained through a roll forming process, can have different shapes and sizes, depending on the sector and type of use for which they're intended. Standard metal profiles are characterized by the most common shapes, including U-profiles, Omega profiles, C-profiles and L-profiles (or angles) and are mainly used in the construction sector, but are also useful for many other types of applications. 


For all these standard profiles with symmetrical sides, asymmetrical profiles can also be produced in the same shape, but with different side dimensions in relation to each other. "U" and/or "C" shapes, for example, can be reinforced by adding additional flaps folded at 180° to double their thicknesses and achieve greater mechanical strength. 


All profiles designed and manufactured by Profilsystem can be customized according to specific requirements in terms of material type, dimensions, length (from 450 mm to 13,000 mm), pitch perforations and product identification markings customized with brand, logo or serial number. 

Tubular profiles

Tubular profiles are 'closed' by means of clamping techniques such as seaming, clinching and continuous wire or laser welding. High-frequency or induction tube production at high speeds - by deformation after welding into a circular shape via subsequent perimeter rolling - presents obvious limits to precision due to the mechanical reaction of the sheet metal in millimetric order and allows for relatively simple shapes.


Our technology instead provides for "closure" after the forming of the required shape (after calibration) and within tight decimal tolerances, allowing for the production of complex shapes and sharper edges through the use of pre-drilled strips with customized shapes, thus avoiding recovery operations.
This allows us to achieve: 

  • profiles with simple shapes such as round, square or rectangular, but with dimensions and proportions that are different from commercial ones
  • custom profiles in complex shapes with tight decimal tolerances and the use of basic or mechanically superior raw materials in pickled, polished, galvanized or pre-painted steel, even pre-drilled and branded. 

Custom profiles

Custom profiles, made according to the specific needs of the customer, represent the company's true core business. 80% of Profilsystem's production focuses on the manufacturing of metal profiles with complex shapes that are designed to meet the specific needs of partner clients. 


In order to obtain profiles that meet precise characteristics, an essential first step is to obtain preliminary information regarding the project requirements or the application concept of the product itself within the buyer's industrial production context. 


Having agreed upon and drawn up the essential preliminary lines, we can move to the next stage of internal study and design of equipment. Depending on the complexity of the profile under consideration, Profilsystem assumes the burden of development and implementation of prototypes and batches to be sampled, in sufficient quantities to test the customer's production cycle. Once the agreed upon and approved standard quality terms have been set, industrial production is put into place. 


In the spirit of collaboration and professional ethics, fabrication of the special profiles commissioned, even if not declared protected by copyright, are cataloged for the client in a confidential and exclusive manner. The related equipment is not considered as exclusive property, but as partial contribution to expenses in order to protect the customer from improper use against third parties and Profilsystem from any non-commercial constraints on the use of production facilities.


For more information on the various types of standard and customized profiles offered by Profilsystem, please contact us! Our team of experts is always available to answer your questions and assist you in the proper design of the profile you're looking for.