Supports and brackets


Thanks to our many years of experience in the sector, Profilsystem is able to offer cold-formed profiles for support and clamping systems..

These items are manufactured by a team of highly specialised professionals who work with great passion to meet the high standards of quality required within the sector.

One profile, many uses: applications

The profiles offered by our company are suitable for a wide range of uses, improving the characteristics of the finished product. Specifically, Profilsystem semi-finished products are used by manufacturers of: anchoring systems, restraint systems, shelves, anti-seismic systems and lifting systems.

Useful materials for the creation of company profiles

Through cutting-edge machinery and a team of professionals with extensive experience behind them, Profilsystem can design and manufacture profiles for support and clamping systems through the use of different types of materials.

Specifically, for these profiles, material in galvanized carbon steel is used above all and profiles usually made to drawing, with customized perforations.

The customisation options offered by Profilsystem

In addition to the variety of materials used for their production, Profilsystem offers a customisation service for profiles that is designed to meet the different needs of customers and their applications. Specifically, by relying on our company you can customise your profiles in terms of the following characteristics:

  • Shape: Together we will study the perfect shape for your needs;

  • Drilling: In addition to the shape, we will also study the relative drilling customized according to your needs, thus avoiding reworking.

  • Thickness: 1 to 3.5 mm

  • Material: carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel;

  • Length: from 500mm to 13000mm;

  • Marking: recognition of the product. Branded products thanks to our marking technique directly in the profiling phase (for example the CE nomenclature, your logo or writing).

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Do you need a customized solution?

If you need assistance in selecting the most suitable product for your needs or would like to request more information about our company's storage system profiles, simply visit the contact section of our website. Complete the form and you will receive a detailed reply or a personalised quotation (if requested).