Carbon Steel




First-base carbon steel is black as it is produced directly by steelworks, and therefore in the presence of calamine and iron oxide. The uses of black steel are varied and range from purely structural and metalwork fabrication to boilers and pressure vessels, light and medium stamping, shipbuilding and high-strength applications in the automotive sector.


Pickled steel is a form of steel that has undergone a pickling process. This operation entails the cleaning of the black material, by removing surface scale and oxide. The steel stripped of surface slag is then treated with corrosion inhibitors to preserve the surface appearance obtained.

This process allows the material to receive coatings such as:

  • zinc-coating

  • chrome-coating

  • veneer-coating

Profilsystem designs and manufactures special profiles tailored to specific customer requirements. We take care of every stage of implementation, from technical drawings to the design of systems and the necessary equipment.



Polished steel is produced following a cold rolling process; this mechanical process is carried out at room temperature to reduce the thickness of the sheet.

Thanks to their high strength, polished coils are both technically and economically viable, durable and reliable, while also guaranteeing a high-quality aesthetic and no maintenance. As they are unalloyed, low-carbon steels, polished coils are suitable for shaping through bending or stamping and are used in various sectors:

  • household appliances and medical wares

  • trinkets

  • metal furniture

  • boilers and radiators.