Storage systems and metal furniture


Metal profiles designed for manufacturers of storage systems and metal furniture.

Thanks to our long experience in the reference sectors, Profilsystem is able to offer cold-formed profiles for storage systems and furniture. These are manufactured by a team of experts in the production of customised metal profiles, who work with great passion to meet the high standards of quality required within the sector.

Storage systems:

The profiles we offer can be adapted to a wide range of uses, improving the characteristics of the finished product. Specifically, in addition to companies that deal with the creation of storage systems, Profilsystem semi-finished products are used by companies that produce:

- Industrial shelving

- Pallet racks

- Battery racks

- Industrial warehouses

Metal furniture:

Profilsystem operates with precision and high quality, producing profiles for the metal furniture sector and offering finished profiles that are ready to be used by furniture manufacturers.

Specifically, we offer a wide range of products for companies that produce:

- Industrial furniture
- Furnishing for supermarkets
- Cabinets for changing rooms and wardrobes
- Wardrobes with sliding doors
- Desks
- Benches
- Drawer cabinets etc.

Customisations offered by Profilsystem

In addition to the variety of materials used for their production, Profilsystem offers a profile customisation service that is designed to meet the different needs of our customers and their applications. Specifically, by relying on our company you can customise your profiles in terms of the following characteristics:

- Dimensions

- Lengths

- Drilling

- Branding

- Clamping techniques

We design special metal profiles to design according to your specifications for quality and high added value.