Aluminium can be produced directly, by recycling existing products made from this metal, or from bauxite.

Aluminium is a material with many different characteristics that make it ideal for many applications in various sectors - as well as making it a highly sustainable material that is increasingly used in green contexts:

  • Sustainable: aluminium is well known for the fact that it can be fully recycled with low energy costs. Above all, the material returns to its original state, without losing any of its characteristics;

  • Corrosion resistance: aluminium oxidises immediately upon contact with air, creating a surface protection that makes it resistant to water and certain chemicals. This makes it the most widely used metal in the sectors of transportation, buildings, and construction;

  • Lightness: in addition to its good corrosion resistance, aluminium is used above all for its lightness. Simply consider the fact that aluminium weighs a third as much as steel. Lightweight but strong, it is one of the most common naturally occurring elements and is characterised by its high workability and ductility.