Prefabricated bathroom units and mobile walls


Prefabricated bathroom units:

A solid and customisable structure with our metallic profiles.

We design and manufacture profiles for the structures of bathroom units and prefabricated units. The semi-finished products are designed for companies involved in the production of these types of constructions and furnishing solutions.

We work with precision and quality, characteristics that have distinguished us for more than 30 years, enabling us to establish profitable and long-lasting partnerships.

These profiles are aimed at companies producing:

- Prefabricated units

- Bathroom units

- Light units

Profilsystem offers a wide range of processes for the customisation of your product.

With a wide range of profiles and customisation options for your structural profile, we can work together to give you a competitive edge.

Mobile walls:

The reliability of mobile walls lies in the steel profiles that support their structure.

Our profiles are manufactured according to our customers’ specifications and strict precision parameters.

Thanks to our production versatility, we are able to cater to special requirements in the creation of your customised mobile walls.

We target companies producing:

- Partition walls

- Movable walls

- Equipped walls

- Sliding walls

- Office cubicles