Special metal profiles to design


Cold-formed profiles, completely made to measure

In addition to catalog products, Profilsystem specializes in the creation of custom metal profiles based on designs, tailored semi-finished products according to client specifications. These items represent ideal solutions for companies active in various industrial sectors, offering the opportunity to obtain a unique, non-standard product perfectly adapted to their processing needs.

Why choose special metal profiles: customizations and advantages

The mission of Profilsystem has always been the complete satisfaction of our customers and their diverse needs. With the goal of offering products that increasingly meet specific requirements, we have continuously refined our facilities for total customization of special profiles. By turning to us, it's possible to request various customizations, such as:

  • Custom sizes
  • Precise drillings
  • Custom lengths
  • Detailed markings

This ensures profiles that exactly meet the requested specifications, with very tight tolerances, ensuring a high-quality final product.

How to request further information

For a free quote or consultation to gain more information about the special profiles created by the Profilsystem team, simply visit the contact section and fill out the appropriate form. The company will respond comprehensively to any request as quickly as possible.