Special metal profiles to design


Cold-formed profiles, completely made to measure

In addition to the products in our catalogue, Profilsystem can produce special customised metal profiles, i.e. semi-finished products designed in line with customer specifications. These are especially useful for companies operating in a wide range of industrial sectors, where non-standard products that have been customised to meet their own requirements are necessary.

Why should you choose Profilsystem? Customisation options and additional advantages

The main objective of our company has always been to completely satisfy our customers and fulfil their individual needs. Over the years, to achieve this, Profilsystem has constantly improved its systems, allowing it to offer complete customisation of the metal profiles in its range. In fact, customers who turn to Profilsystem can request many customisations, such as those relating to:

- Dimensions

- Drilling

- Lengths

- Branding

Obtaining a profile that meets the required characteristics exactly, or with tight decimal tolerances, also ensures an extremely high level of quality for the finished product.

How to request further information

To request a free quote or more information on the special profiles offered by the Profilsystem team, simply go to the contact section of our website and fill in the appropriate form. We will get back to you to discuss your request as soon as possible.