The highest level of quality - certified

The solutions and profiles designed and realised by Profilsystem are intended to fulfil the customer's most demanding requirements, providing excellent, safe and lasting performance. This extreme attention to the quality of the process and of the product, is guaranteed by the various certificates Profilsystem has been awarded.

In order to best satisfy the quality standards of its own clients, Profilsystem operates with passion and precision. It is precisely for this reason that the company guarantees the quality of its own profiles through a high level of control, starting at the project phase and through until the finished product has been realised. Besides autocad certification, which is fundamental for high-level design, the company ensures excellent standards thanks to:

- A Quality Control management system compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 and 1090 standard.

- Certified raw materials

- Technologically advanced inspection of production