Behind the scenes at Profilsystem

Conceived in 1989, having taken over what had been Siltubi Snc, based in Olginate (LC), which had been involved in producing tubes for chandeliers, Profilsystem was founded in 1990, a company specialising in the design and manufacture, using a cold process, of special profiles derived from carbon steel strips.

In 1998 Profilsystem, moved to the current establishment, built and organised with a view to optimising and increasing production, responding to growing demand of an ever more sophisticated and complex nature.

The company's two founding partners,, Guido Torreggiani and Donato Santinami, now with their sons at their side, were the ones who gave birth to Profilsystem, and they also gave very specific input: they wanted to build a solid and competitive company based on the principle of moral and professional integrity focused on their partner clients, offering professionalism, innovation, quality and consolidated experience.

With everything ready, they began their ascent.

Strengthened by experience gained at the helm of one of the leading companies in the metal processing segment, Guido and Donato share the same passion and the same objective.

It was in this way that they began their entrepreneurial journey with the aim of breaking into and establishing themselves on the niche market for made-to-measure metal profiles, designed and realised based on the client's design.

This was the time of the multinationals, the prelude to globalisation.

inspiration and imagination were discarded in favour of standard thinking and the law of big numbers. "Our" men wanted to dissociate themselves from this and to create their own identity.

They began as associates of a small company, Siltubi snc., investing in their own commercial capability and technical competence, gambling on themselves.

This is when the first facility was born, the result of study and realised based on the idea of perfecting conventional profiling lines. This achieved the intended results and opened up the way for a second line, which had improved performance and was more sophisticated. There were sleepless nights as they worked on perfecting and refining the method and technique for producing state-of-the-art profiles, as they coded the management software in programming language and looked for the first clients with whom to collaborate.

Partners more than clients, who still to this day, after 30 years, are at our side, and whom we would like to thank for having believed in us from the start.

In brief, the majority share was purchased and the company moved back to its place of origin, to a site more suited and functional for our requirements.

Profiliamo il futuro dal 1990

Scorri le immagini per vedere i nostri sistemi.

'Stop and all will be lost' - constant innovation for tailor-made profiles.

This was the philosophy we espoused from the beginning, which is why achieving the high standards of precision set for commercial metal profiles (C – U – Omega – L) meant intensifying our efforts, refining the technique more and more, as we moved towards the much coveted goal of made-to-measure production, based on clients' specific requirements.

The great pair were at work, with Santinami engaging in design, production and the ongoing improvement and upgrading of the production facilities. Expending major effort to produce increasingly complex metal profiles which stringently comply with the set standard in terms of quality and decimal precision.

On the other front, Torreggiani was involved in looking for new clients, clocking up the miles, whilst looking after existing partners, as he was busy with the strategic and administrative management of the company, and providing support for his partner in research and development.

A perfect partnership for the ongoing research and development of advanced techniques and new technologies which have enabled, and will continue to enable Profilsystem to satisfy the demands, necessarily more and more complex, of markets which are constantly evolving.

This philosophy puts the company in a position to:

  • Anticipate and meet the requirements of the clients we partner with

  • Research, modify and improve the technical and applied aspects of the special profiles, customised in an automated environment, maintaining a high standard of quality, allowing the profiles to be used directly in the client's production cycle, with short lead times and costs kept down, and without requiring resource-intensive additional processing.

From a simple sketch to the profile requested

With years of experience behind them, the two partners produced their technical designs using paper and pen, with a view to giving them form and life in the production department, as they work alongside one another.

Today, the design department, directed by titular partner, Donato Santinami, operates with a staff team with proven experience, which, supported by software which is up to the task and updated, will give the project embryonic form, before arriving at its own concept, and moving on to the production phase.

From the technical design to designing the rolling systems for the facilities, as well as the necessary equipment.

Choosing Profilsystem means connecting with professionals capable of producing special metal profiles, using a cold process, based on an order designed by the client, and that can be customised in terms of shape, length and particulars such as:

  • perforation at regular intervals

  • identifying markings

as well as with various fastening techniques, such as:

  • laser welding

  • clinching

  • seaming

All of this, while respecting the relevant tolerances and the particulars requested by the client.