What’s the point of punching metal profiles?



What’s the point of punching metal profiles?

Profilsystem is specialized in the manufacture of special metal profiles and offers an efficient belt-based pre-punching, a process that allows to make contoured and customized holes to design and to complete the metal profile required without additional retouching.


Thanks to the use of high-performance and innovative machinery, equipped with photo-cellular cutting technology, the company guarantees meticulous precision and the full respect of tolerances. The punching of commercial profiles and metal profiles with complex shapes is useful for different applications, such as: 


  • pillars for shelving and display cabinets
  • pillars for electrical cabinets
  • profiles for fences 
  • profiles for photovoltaic systems
  • profiles for mobile or equipped walls 
  • profiles for conveyor belts


If you need more information on our service for punching or belt-based pre-drilling or other services offered by Profilsystem, please contact us.